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Alphazap is a word game with a bit of maths. The game starts with 121 LETTERS and you need to make as many words as you can. The letters have the same score value as SCRABBLE and have the same distribution. You are penalised for the tiles that remain after the game and by how […]


How to play The objective is to kill the ROBOTS and destroy the NEST Not as easy as it sounds – You only have RUBBER BULLETS More AMMO can be collected as you make your way to the NEST Try to avoid shooting YOURSELF As you use FUEL your speed will decrease so keep TOPPED […]


Shoot, Drop Bombs, Collect Gold, Eat Vegan, Dodge Bullets, Kill Tanks and Find the Big Blue Diamond


Use the arrow keys to pick up all boxes from the level Double jump is on Fall through the bottom to wrap to the top left and right wrap enabled too Avoid the big yellow Pacmen!  

Edge Zone

Great board game, make rows of 5 stones of any color. A red stone can also be used as wildcards Game can be saved and loaded Includes all time and last 30 day high score tables

Train Traffic

Just don’t crash the Trains   No curvature was taken into consideration when designing this track  

Ghost Toast

    Get as many consecutive colors to boost the bonus 100 Lost this when you change color Dodge the Bullets Avoid the Ghosts   

Red Sands

The Earth is being invaded by UFO’s probably from MARS. The Thames Estuary Defense systems are on HIGH ALERT. One such system is the  RED SANDS Maunsell Fort Ground to Air Gun Array that you find your self in charge of here! So get a grip a figure out a way to save your self and other […]

Bumper Cars

  You drive the RED car and you race against the BLUE car. The NUMBERS need to be collected in order. They will be in a random order on each level Your score increases with the delay between each NUMBER Each level will get a bit harder TIPS Try to knock the blue off course, you […]


A simple platform game that evolves collecting Orchids. The setting is on a Flat Earth which has a Volcano at the North Pole. Its an unstable volcano obviously, so be careful to protect your head from Flying Rocks. Taking blows to the head from flying rocks will damage your health and you will end up […]


Take a trip around the universe and you will discover that you are being followed by giant cluster bombs. Shoot them from a distance and collect any useful items. Find the source of the cluster bombs and destroy it to reach the next level N.B.This may appear real however it is CGI – SPACE IS […]

Box Bandits

      There has been an air drop over this secret island Bandit Base. Only collect boxes that HQ have cleared Otherwise you may encounter a boob trapped box.