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Shoot, Drop Bombs, Collect Gold, Eat Vegan, Dodge Bullets, Kill Tanks and Find the Big Blue Diamond


Use the arrow keys to pick up all boxes from the level Double jump is on Fall through the bottom to wrap to the top left and right wrap enabled too Avoid the big yellow Pacmen!  

FEPE Goes to Antarctica

Frog trolls have invaded Antarctica!  – Help FEPE take out the trash – WARNING FROG VOMIT STAINS Use the Arrow keys  UP=JUMP/FLAP LEFT and RIGHT KEYS ALWAYS BE ARMED GET A WRENCH  


A simple platform game that evolves collecting Orchids. The setting is on a Flat Earth which has a Volcano at the North Pole. Its an unstable volcano obviously, so be careful to protect your head from Flying Rocks. Taking blows to the head from flying rocks will damage your health and you will end up […]


Crusty the Crustacean lives in quite a dangerous environment for a Crab. His Mission is to collect treasure. The fish don’t like him and they try to prevent his progress. Fortunately Crusty is a skilled archer and has only to find a bow in order to defend himself. There are also some handy un-exploded bombs […]