A simple platform game that evolves collecting Orchids.

The setting is on a Flat Earth which has a Volcano at the North Pole.

Its an unstable volcano obviously, so be careful to protect your head from Flying Rocks.

Taking blows to the head from flying rocks will damage your health and you will end up brown bread if unless you get some Healing Pods.

Healing Pods can be found inside Orchid Pots. The Pots need to be destroyed in order to find the Pods.

You destroy Pots by throwing Rocks at them.

To Throw a Rock you will need to pick up a Rock

To pick up a Rock get within two meters and right click.

Now left click to throw the rock at a Pot and -BOOM- a Health Pod will appear.

Just run past the Pod to collect the Health.

WARNING! also at this point an EVIL VENOM SPITTING TADPOLE is disturbed from deep slumber.

They are never happy about this, they will pursue you and spit at you unless you can smash their brains out with a Rock!

Have not yet mentioned the giant Apple Tree that grows here, very handy for climbing to the UPPER LANDS when you don’t have much JUMP JUICE.

Jump Juice gives you the extra jump power, you get it from eating the FALLEN APPLES.

One last thing, Don’t fall of the EDGE of the EARTH, it is clearly sign posted

Happy Flower Picking